About DML

connected learning spheresThe Digital Media and Learning (DML) Lab at Mount Greylock Regional School helps teachers and students integrate digital media with curriculum. Our role is to help teaching and learning.

The digital media and learning program at Mount Greylock finds its home in several important concepts embodied in Connected Learning. Briefly, we are interested in using technology to support student and teacher activities that are interest-driven, peer-supported, and academically oriented. We see use of technology as focusing on activities that have a shared purpose, are production-centered, and openly networked.

  • What will it look like to be a learner in an increasingly networked culture?
  • What is Digital Literacy?
  • How do learners create, share, and collaborate in productive digital learning contexts?

For a longer discussion of these ideas and how they relate to learning in an increasingly connected world, see the MacArthur Foundation’s description of Connected Learning.

Connected Learning

In “Upgrading Afterschool: Common Sense Shifts in Expanded Learning for a Digital Age,” Michael H. Levine and Rafi Santo describe their vision for learning in the 21st century. The DML Lab shares many of these ideas on learning and technology:

“…expanded learning-time programs should exist as part of the larger ecology of a young person’s 21st century existence. This ecology is framed by the digital, interconnected world in which we all live and should, therefore, incorporate systemic links between what are now disparate venues of learning. Thus, we place great priority on youth participation and productivity in learning opportunities that burnish their civic and collaborative skills through the creative, evolving digital technologies so ubiquitous in the world.” Michael H. Levine and Rafi Santo 
 – See more about Levine + Santo.